Getting Serious with Your First Disney Tattoo


This article was written by guest poster Alyssa Bode. Happy reading!

If you already have a tattoo or are contemplating getting one, a Disney-themed tattoo should be at the top of your list! Being a die-hard Disney fan for my whole life, I always knew if I got a tattoo, it would have something to do with Disney. With the addition of my best friend of 16 years and her newly discovered love of all things Disney, we had a most magical combination.

How do You Choose?!

Since there are literally SO many different characters, rides, quotes, hidden meanings and history behind the magic, trying to find just one design you both agree on takes many phone conversations. So, like Dory, we had to just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, until we came upon an agreement! And no, we didn’t end up with Marlin the Clown Fish!

We ended up picking an ornate-looking set of Minnie Mouse ears. Although new characters come into the Disney universe all the time, this was classic. And honestly, who could get tired of that cute little bow?

Getting the Tattoo

So, after setting up our appointment and getting up to my best friend’s city, it finally happened! With a slurpee in one hand (gotta have that spoonful of sugar) and my best friend’s hand in the other, I was ready! I demanded to go first or it just wouldn’t happen. Being a good sport and having four tattoos already, she agreed to let me feel the pain. We had decided to get the tattoos on our ankles. It was now or never.

Although there were some trying moments, it definitely wasn’t as painful as I had originally thought! And yes, the slurpee helped.

I fell in love with the design ten times over once my tattoo was finished. It’s true what they say about tattoos - they are definitely addicting. As my best friend’s mom (my second mom) said, we were connected for life now. Every time either one of us looks down at our ankles, we can think of our sister. Although we aren't always close and nearby in proximity, we are always close and nearby at heart. I look forward to my next Disney tattoo!

Just smile through the pain. You got this.

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