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Goodbye to Ellen’s Energy Adventure, and Hello to Epcot’s Future (Guest Post - Chris Drager)

Just over a year has passed since the permanent closure of Ellen’s Energy Adventure from Disney’s Epcot park. Shuttered for good in August 2017, this ride / video presentation was a long-time fixture of Disney World since 1996. Many millions of people have witnessed the whimsical antics of the loveable Ellen DeDegeres along with a patronizing Bill Nye as they navigate the topics of energy, dinosaurs, and the indelible human spirit. As fun as these 20+ years have been, this ride was looooong overdue to be replaced by new attractions at Epcot. Sorry Ellen and Bill, we love you, but we don’t miss you! Then During my first Disney World vacation as a charming yet insufferable child in 2000, I remember fondly my first experience with Ellen’s Energy Adventure. In short, I was amazed! My little head was blown by the big panoramic screens, the booming surround sound, the moving dinosaur animatronics – our theatre seats were literally moving through a prehistoric jungle! There wa

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