Restaurant Review: Le Cellier

As a Canadian, you had better believe that I was going to be eating at Le Cellier at some point! Touted as a first-rate Table Service restaurant in the Canadian Pavilion in Epcot, this restaurant is known for its cheese soup, steaks, and Canadian hospitality.

Bread Service

Unlike other restaurants, there were a trio of complimentary breads you could try at Le Cellier:

1. Pretzel bread from Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario
2. Multigrain bread from The Prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba)
3. Sourdough bread from the Yukon

From left to right: multigrain, sourdough, and pretzel bread.

It also came with a pat of butter with brown sugar, which paired nicely with all three breads.

All three of the selections were very delicious and moist. My favourite was the pretzel bread, and Chris’s was the multigrain.


For our appetizer, we had to choose the cheese soup. This dish is synonymous with Le Cellier as an establishment. It was just delicious. The Cheese had hints of smoky flavour, with a richness to it that cannot be described. Although cheese soups can be heavy, this one was rich and light.


For our main, we chose the Signature Poutine. We aren’t from Quebec, but figured that we were good enough judges of poutine (having had many of them in our lifetimes) to determine if this was the real deal.

I can definitely say this poutine was more gourmet than Canadians are used to. The wine reduction in it took a few bites to become accustomed to, but it went well with the fresh, salty fries and delicious cheese curds. This is the poutine that regular poutine would dream of if it could sleep! We definitely ate every last bite.


Chris decided to get the Canadian whiskey flight. It came with a variety of Crown Royal flavours, which is a Canadian rye/whiskey brand.

The original Crown Royal was unmistakeably Crown Royal - for better or for worse. The maple Crown Royal has a strong scent of maple, along with a maple aftertaste that was quite refreshing. The XO was a good step above the original. Honestly though, better whiskeys can be had from other countries.

I decided to try the ice wine flight. There was not much to distinguish between them. All were sweet, and kind of like a mixture between a cider and a syrup. They were all pretty good, but potentially not good enough for a more sophisticated wine tasting palate than my own. Given I am not a connoisseur by any means, I quite enjoyed them.

All of our food and drinks came at once, so it was a tad difficult to eat everything while it was hot. We ended up having to pass the soup back and forth, which was unlike other restaurants that provided sharing bowls and plates. However, the staff was friendly and quite knowledgeable about the dishes and bread service.

In all, the food was excellent. We give this restaurant 4.5/5 mouse ears and will definitely be back.

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