Restaurant Review: Rainforest Cafe Breakfast

Back when my husband went to Disney World for the first time in 2000, he and his family saw a majestic-looking restaurant in the Animal Kingdom. There were animals at the front, and the building was like a tropical rainforest. Due to reservations out the wazoo, they weren’t able to try the Rainforest Cafe on their vacation. For a such busy restaurant, it had to be good, right?

We first went to the Rainforest Cafe for supper in 2016, and it was honestly a tad underwhelming. That being said, we were ready to give it another shot and decided to try breakfast instead to see how the first meal of the day would fare.


We both started with Mimosas. We found them to be fairly standard. Not too bad, but not exceptional either. But we were being fancy! At least that’s what we told ourselves as we ordered our entrees and plugged away at our drinks.


I had heard good things about the Tonga Toast at the Polynesian Resort, so I figured that I would see how the Rainforest Cafe version stacked up. Sadly, this version was more like French Toast. Honestly, there was nothing Tongan about it! Although it wasn’t quite up to the standards of Kona Cafe, it was still delicious regardless. It absorbed the flavour of the syrup well, with the strawberries and bananas as a nice additional pairing.

My Tonga Toast came with breakfast sausage. I found it to be a bit on the spicy side (a pro or a con depending on your preferences), but that it was one of those foods that sticks to your ribs at least. My meal tided me over until lunch at Satu’li Canteen. For any of you who get hangry, you’ll know this is quite the feat after a day of walking in the parks.

Chris had the Breakfast of Bandits, which was a fairly traditional breakfast. His meal came with two fried eggs, hash browns, sausage, and toast. The Breakfast of Bandits hit all the necessary bullet points of what it means to have a traditional breakfast without necessarily exceeding any. Either way, it was passable.

In comparison, we definitely liked the breakfast better than supper at the Rainforest Cafe. Supper tasted more like a Quick Service meal than a Table Service one. This was breakfast dining as you would expect, which was all we were looking for out of the experience. For that reason, we rate breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe as 3.5/5 mouse ears.

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